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Android apps

We realize your native Android app for your organization or your customers. From MVP to your app in the Google Play Store, always of the highest quality and with the best performance!

Technical & functional

We develop apps for all types of devices: Mobile phones, tablets, Android TV and wearable devices. We build native Android apps using Android Studio and Kotlin.

We have the knowledge to realize this from the perspective of the technology but also from the point of view of marketing, user engagement and conversion. Your app is only successful if it has many satisfied users.


A pragmatic but structured approach is important to develop an app that matters. An agile approach helps to realize solutions that can add value quickly.

Because why would you spend half a year or more on developing a beautiful piece of software that nobody wants to use in the end? Validated learning through the Build-Measure-Learn loop can prevent this.

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Quality of your app

We guarantee the quality of our apps in a technical sense by testing them regularly and automatically. This happens in a process called CI / CD: Continuous integration and Continuous distribution.

The app is regularly built and tested and then (ad hoc) distributed to the Google Play Store, so that you can try out the app and eventually the app can be rolled out to users.

Distribution & promotion

You can have us put your app in the Play Store, under your name and with the desired descriptions, visual expressions and languages. We can also take care of updates, partially roll out the app or optimize the play store listing.

The aftercare for your app can also consist of monitoring your app in terms of performance, unexpected crashes and managing feedback on your app in the Play Store.


We have previously created apps for:

ANWB, AVG, Beemway, Enai, Erasmus University, Fansz, Hot Item, Ilumy, Map trace, Masterminds LLC, N200, Nuon, Rotterdam School of Management, Toogether, UL Transaction Security, Vitens en Ximedes.


Do you want to temporarily expand your mobile development team with an Android developer? Android Studio, Java and Kotlin have no secrets for us.

An agile way of working and unit and UI testing are a matter of course. This way we guarantee the quality of the apps and processes. Do you want to expand your scrum team? Contact us for more information.

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