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How an agile approach can help you

An agile approach, such as the Scrum framework and the Lean startup methodology, can help to have the right features developed.

August 8, 2019

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Let's go agile

The mobile software development landscape is one of the fastest growing today. In such a fast-growing market, it is difficult to maintain more bureaucratic management processes without losing time-to-market for more agile companies.

While traditional methodologies provide numerous artifacts for controls, predictions, and metrics in software development, none of this has any value against pre-competing software. The solution in these cases may be in agile methodologies.

Using agile methodologies, it is already possible to develop apps satisfactorily and with quality. Just as the market saw the need to create methods, focusing on the speed of product delivery, today we seek the help of tools and solutions that make this wait even shorter.

Increase the value of your app

An agile approach, such as the Scrum framework and the Lean startup methodology, can help to have the right features developed. There is no need to develop the features that you want to have; we should develop the features that your user want! It is important to provide the solutions for the problems that they are facing. And the only way to find out is to ask then.

Early validation of ideas on how to implement these features can be done by asking your users for feedback, based on an Minimum Viable Product (MVP). By keeping the time for each iteration short (2 or 3 weeks) you can ask for feedback often and early. If this is done right then the business value of your app or website will increase every 2 or 3 weeks.

Build Measure Feedback loop

Often an app starts with an initial idea and some fundamental functionality upon which the application will be built. Only during development and by applying the Build Measure Feedback loop methodology the required features and characteristics can become more clear.

In this context, agile methods are perfectly suited to application development as they address all the intrinsic process issues. It meets the need for open scope not depending on a fully developed idea to begin project development, the need for communication with the customer as it is a fundamental part of the development project in the methodology and the need for cyclical development as is subdivided into periods of time.

You stay in control

Software project planning is one of the hardest thing there it is. That is because plans will always change. However there is no need to worry. There is the Scrum framework or the Lean startup methodology that can help.

Because we will be doing it the agile way you will stay in control and you can budget and prioritize all the to be developed features of your app. At the begin of each development iteration (also known as sprint in Scrum) you decide what value has to be delivered and what functionality is needed for that.

Transparancy is a key element of agile methologies such as Scrum. That is why each sprint ends with a demonstration of the work that has been done.

Better results & better quality

The need for increased productivity and quality coupled with reduced costs due to customer satisfaction with the delivered product is what has driven the creation of increasingly precise and controlling software processes.

For mobile development (but also for any other type of development) a short time to market is important, just as is the case with agility and early feedback. Along with a smart agile approach solutions such as Back 4 App, Azure, PerfectSaaS and PerfectApp will contribute very well to a successful solution.

Let's go agile!

Miker Works can ensure that your app is realized in a technically responsible manner that enables you to quickly realize a relevant solution. We are certified in the field of Scrum (Scrum master & Product Owner certification).

Do you want to have your Android, iOS or .NET web applications developed in a smart way or do you have specific Scrum and Lean startup related issues? Then contact us.

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